4 Most beautiful hair color trends for summer 2021


Summer is here and with it we now wish for a new color for our hair. Basically, we love nuances in the hot season that don’t seem too blatant, but somehow a bit like kissed by the sun. Because that way we don’t have to worry about hard hair roots that could arise when we grow out. With the hair color trends for the current season, you are guaranteed not to have to go back to the hairdressing salon again in autumn.

Hair Update: The 4 Most Important Hair Color Trends for Summer 2021

1. Color update for hair in summer 2021: golden blonde

With the arrival of long summer days, you long for a light blond. However, this is not always healthy for the hair. If you set platinum blonde highlights and these come into contact with the sun, serious damage to the hair can occur. In summer, prefer to use warm blonde tones such as golden blonde, also known as buttercup blonde. The hair is then naturally lightened by the sun.

2. Color update for hair in summer 2021: Sparkling brown

Brown hair now looks most natural when it looks as if it has just been bleached by the sun. How did it work? The hairdresser should set slight highlights that play around the face. The base of the hair should only be dyed slightly darker, if at all. In order to avoid platinum blonde block strands that could arise from the sun’s rays, you should dye so-called midnights or baby lights. That means: The highlights should be at most two shades lighter than the brunette base of the hair.

3. Color update for hair in summer 2021: balayage red

Red hair is particularly difficult to obtain and especially in summer you have to be careful. All redheads who do not want to spend the whole summer in the hairdressing salon should opt for an extra-fine balayage coloring to create a multidimensional red. Make sure that the color is particularly rich because red tones in particular quickly fade in the sun and look pale.


4. Color update for hair in summer 2021: pastel shades

If you want to use trendy pastel shades such as rosé or purple this summer, you should start with a light base. The best place to start is a bleached blonde that has been freed from color casts in yellow and brass. As a general rule, warm colors like pink, red, orange, and yellow fade faster than cool colors like blue, green, or purple.

Warning! Pastel colors can quickly fade under the sun’s rays. If you have particularly dark hair or just don’t want to bleach your hair: hair extensions in pastel shades, which are incorporated into the natural hair color like strands, are a nice alternative that will protect your hair.

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