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Obesity and overweight are among others the biggest problems of the new generations and lead to major health risks and limitations, for example on diabetes and heart problems. Amber Rachdi is an extreme example of this: At 23 years she already weighed more than 300 kg.
As a result, she was no longer able to cope with her everyday life effectively and to lead a normal life. Getting up was already a challenge for her and she couldn’t go for a walk either: if she had to leave the house, she was forced to do so Rollator or wheelchair to do. Amber wanted a normal life and with the support of her parents and partner, she began to change their lives.

1. Obese for as long as she can remember

The young woman suffered from being overweight all her life. Nice as a child she weighed 3-4 times more than her friends and was therefore already restricted. She couldn’t keep up with the other children when playing, for example because of running too exhausting was for her. It was difficult for her to make friends and Amber got used to not having that many friends.

Amber was caught in a spiral that kept pulling her down. She felt insecure because of her high weight, these insecurities and fears led to her eating more than was actually recommended because Food was her only consolation. However, that only made her gain weight.

2. The beginning of changes

Source: AmberRachdi / Twitter
With so extreme obesity as was the case with Amber, needed her medical assistance so that healthy weight loss was possible. So the first thing Amber went to see a doctor: Dr. Nowazardan, an obesity specialist.

The visit to the doctor motivated Amber and showed her the harsh reality: Because the doctor had it Fear that Amber would not live to be 30 years old if she did not change her eating habits and did nothing about her obesity.
Dr. Nowazardan insisted on one Gastric bypass surgery, but to make this possible, Amber would first have to lose about 8 kg.
She did this with the help of psychologists who showed her strategies for dealing with her food addiction differently.

3. The first successes

Due to her high weight, Amber could not do sports at the beginning, daily walks were the only thing her body could take.
After gastric bypass surgery and during the TV show “My life with 300 kg” she lost over 120 kg! A first huge success!
This enabled her to become im Gym sign up and practice harder, more strenuous sports to further aid their weight loss.

Amber went to the therapy and learned with her Anxiety disorder deal differently. Because her anxiety disorder was the main reason for the many “comfort food”; Amber hadn’t learned to deal with her feelings any other way. Now she learned to take care of body and mind: with the help of Exercise and healthy eating.

4. Growing self-confidence

Source: AmberRachdi / Twitter
With the help of therapy and weight loss, Amber found something precious that she has been missing her entire life: Self-confidence. The young woman was still overweight, but hers was determination made things possible for her that she could not even have dreamed of before her trip: she kept losing a total of more than 180 kg.

With these big changes came another change in her private life: she and her boyfriend at the time decided not to be a couple anymore and, at least relationally, to go their separate ways. However, she and her ex-boyfriend remained good friends and he continued to support her, for example taking pictures of her in the gym.

5. Skin removal surgery and lack of motivation

After Amber continued to lose weight, she decided on one Skin removal surgery. After such an enormous weight loss, the skin no longer adapts to the body, the skin is not made for such high weight. It continues to expand and remains so extended.

This can only be removed by surgery.
Amber decided to have the operation and it was successful.
Amber shared with her fans that she was finding it increasingly difficult to motivate herself to go to the gym because the health risk was no longer so great. Nevertheless, she continued to motivate herself and never regretted going to the gym.

6. Amber becomes a social media star

Amber has become a public figure in America, among other things through the series “My life with 300 kg”. Amber has also achieved international recognition through social media. On her long journey, the young woman learned self-confidence. The self-esteem enabled her to get on Active on social media to be: She loved posting photos of her outfits and herself and reading through the comments, that she got from her fans.

Amber is hardly recognizable anymoreIt’s hard to believe that the Amber from her social media feed and the overweight gray mouse from yesteryear are really the same people.

7. She discovers her new self

Source: Instagram Amberrachdi
On her Instagram page you can see Amber in quite a few different variations, she tries a lot different hairstyles and hair colors out. From long to short and black to blonde, everything is included. The young woman seemed to love to experiment with her looks and get to know different sides of herself.

The young woman loved it just as much Experimenting makeup and take it as a way of expressing yourself. Amber also seemed to have a great talent for makeup: her fans kept asking her for tutorials more and more often. A.mber also had more ostentatious nails, of all sorts of stones and colors. The young lady is one through and through Beauty guru become.

8. Amber lives withdrawn from the public

Source: Instagram Amberrachdi
As for her journey and her new found interests, Amber liked to post publicly on her social media pages. Her Instagram page looked like a classic beauty guru feed. However, Amber has made up her mind To leave private life completely private.

The young woman has also decided against taking part in the spin-off of the series “My life with 300 kg”, which focuses on what happened to the candidates at the time. The main reason for this decision was that Amber wanted to bad experiences has made. Her ex-boyfriend was completely taken apart by her fans at the time and got a lot of hate. Amber wanted to avoid this in the future: no more negativity in their life.

9. Life changing choices

Source: Instagram Amberrachdi
Although Amber values ​​privacy, a lot is known. she is back to college gone to catch up on her degree. The drive for this was probably her newfound determination and self-confidence. She no longer felt uncomfortable in public and had gotten her anxiety disorder under control, which would have made it impossible for her in the past.

She has never commented on it herself, but she probably graduated with a degree ,English’ made. Another great news from her life is an engagement! Amber said yes and happily shared it on social media. But you don’t know who the lucky one is.

10. Helpfulness

Source: Instagram Amberrachdi
Amber found fulfillment in to help their followers and explain to them how she managed to lose weight. She organizes on her Instagram page again and again Question-and-answer sessionswhere she shares her experiences with her followers.
She also gives many tips on how to get it out of the way toxic cycle out of uncertainty / fear and eating as a consolation.

Amber also repeatedly emphasizes that she does all of this without professional help never made it and asks her followers, who are in a similar situation to her back then, to get professional help, to make sure that weight loss can be done in a healthy and effective way as every person and body is different.

11. A great inspiration to other people

Source: Instagram Amberrachdi
Amber is one for a large part of her followers Role model and a huge source of inspiration and motivation. Her fans admire her and her determination, you can see that above all in her comments under her Instagram posts: Your followers keep commenting on how proud they are on the young woman.

For some fans, Amber Rachdi not only stands for the goal of losing weight, but in general to master every challenge that comes your way. After all, the young woman also has hers, for example College degree made up for and one complete new lifestyle accepted. Furthermore, Amber managed to get her cope with mental illness and to achieve something wonderful and give something back to your body.

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