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C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach has two primary objectives: Teach the basic principles of programming as outlined in the ACM curriculum for a CS1 class and teach the basic constructs of the C++ language. While C++ is a complex and professional language, experience shows that beginning students can easily understand and use C++. C++ Programming: An Object-Oriented Approach uses a combination of thorough, well-ordered explanations and a strong visual framework to make programming concepts accessible to students. The authors stress incremental program development, wherein program analysis is followed by building a structure chart, constructing UML flow diagrams, writing algorithms, undertaking program design, and finally testing. This foundation, combined with a focus on the benefits of a consistent and well-documented programming style, prepares students to tackle the academic and professional programming challenges they will encounter down the road with confidence.
Categories: Computers – Programming
Year: 2019
Edition: 1
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education
Language: english
Pages: 940 / 959
ISBN 10: 1260547728
ISBN 13: 9781260547726
File: PDF, 29.98 MB












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