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Features of Osmosis Anatomy Videos 2021

Following are the features of Osmosis Anatomy Videos 2021:

Introduction to anatomy

Introduction to the skeletal system

Introduction to the cardiovascular system

Introduction to the muscular system

Anatomical terminology



Bones and joints of the thoracic wallMuscles of the thoracic wallVessels and nerves of the thoracic wallAnatomy of the breastAnatomy of the pleuraAnatomy of the lungs and tracheobronchial treeAnatomy of the heartAnatomy of the coronary circulationAnatomy of the superior mediastinumAnatomy of the Inferior mediastinum

Anatomy clinical correlates

Anatomy clinical correlates: Thoracic wallAnatomy clinical correlates: BreastAnatomy clinical correlates: Pleura and LungsAnatomy clinical correlates: HeartAnatomy clinical correlates: Mediastinum



Anatomy of the anterolateral abdominal wallAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Blood supply of the foregut, midgut and hindgutAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Esophagus and stomachAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Small intestineAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Large intestineAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Pancreas and spleenAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Kidneys, ureters and suprarenal glandsAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Innervation of the abdominal visceraAnatomy of the abdominal viscera: Liver, biliary ducts and gallbladder

Anatomy clinical correlates

Anatomy clinical correlates: Anterior and posterior abdominal wallAnatomy clinical correlates: Viscera of the gastrointestinal tract

Pelvis and perineum


Anatomy of the pelvic girdleAnatomy of the pelvic cavityAnatomy of the urinary organs of the pelvisAnatomy of the gastrointestinal organs of the pelvis and perineumArteries and veins of the pelvisAnatomy of the male reproductive organs of the pelvisNerves and lymphatics of the pelvisAnatomy of the female urogenital triangle

Anatomy clinical correlates

Anatomy clinical correlates: Male pelvis and perineum



Bones of the vertebral columnJoints of the vertebral columnVessels and nerves of the vertebral columnMuscles of the back

Anatomy clinical correlates

Anatomy clinical correlates: Vertebral canalAnatomy clinical correlates: Bones, joints and muscles of the back

Lower limb


Bones of the lower limbFascia, vessels, and nerves of the lower limbAnatomy of the anterior and medial thighMuscles of the gluteal region and posterior thighVessels and nerves of the gluteal region and posterior thighAnatomy of the popliteal fossaAnatomy of the legAnatomy of the footAnatomy of the hip jointAnatomy of the knee jointAnatomy of the tibiofibular jointsJoints of the ankle and foot

Upper limb


Bones of the upper limbFascia, vessels and nerves of the upper limbAnatomy of the brachial plexusAnatomy of the pectoral and scapular regionsAnatomy of the armMuscles of the forearmVessels and nerves of the forearmMuscles of the handAnatomy of the sternoclavicular and acromioclavicular jointsAnatomy of the glenohumeral jointAnatomy of the elbow jointAnatomy of the radioulnar jointsJoints of the wrist and hand

Anatomy clinical correlates

Anatomy clinical correlates: Clavicle and shoulderAnatomy clinical correlates: AxillaAnatomy clinical correlates: Arm, elbow and forearmAnatomy clinical correlates: Wrist and handAnatomy clinical correlates: Median, ulnar and radial nerves



Bones of the neckSuperficial structures of the neck: Posterior triangleSuperficial structures of the neck: Cervical plexusSuperficial structures of the neck: Anterior triangleDeep structures of the neck: Prevertebral musclesAnatomy of the thyroid and parathyroid glandsAnatomy of the larynx and tracheaAnatomy of the pharynx and esophagusAnatomy of the lymphatics of the neckDeep structures of the neck: Root of the neckFascia and spaces of the neck



Bones of the craniumAnatomy of the cranial baseAnatomy of the orbitAnatomy of the eyeAnatomy of the nose and paranasal sinusesAnatomy of the oral cavityAnatomy of the temporomandibular joint and muscles of masticationMuscles of the face and scalpAnatomy of the salivary glands



Anatomy of the cerebral cortexAnatomy of the cerebellumAnatomy of the cranial meninges and dural venous sinusesAnatomy of the brainstemAnatomy of the basal gangliaAnatomy of the white matter tracts

Cranial nerves


Introduction to the cranial nervesCranial nerve pathwaysAnatomy of the olfactory (CN I) and optic (CN II) nervesAnatomy of the oculomotor (CN III), trochlear (CN IV) and abducens (CN VI) nervesAnatomy of the trigeminal nerve (CN V)Anatomy of the facial nerve (CN VII)Anatomy of the vestibulocochlear (CN VIII) nerveAnatomy of the glossopharyngeal nerve (CN IX)Anatomy of the vagus (CN X) nerveAnatomy of the spinal accessory (CN XI) and hypoglossal (CN XII) nerves

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