ICU is the symbol of a critical or intensive care unit or a special department of a hospital that provides the highest possible type of health care and usually has a nurse-to-patient ratio of 1:1. Intensive care beds are allocated to patients with critical and serious conditions like cardiac or post-operative, where medical staff and resuscitation equipment are available until needed, and a respirator is available. An intensive care specialist is the doctor who is responsible for providing organ system support and investigations, diagnosis, and treatment of acute illness; he is like the safe borderline between patients and death. ICU is a huge sea of medical information; it needs a comprehensive source to build strong basics of clinical diseases; ICU MAN PDF is a strong integrated source of basics and advanced level of ICU management for doctors. It is a simplified approach for Intensive care room guidelines.

Features of ICU MAN First Edition Ebook:

1- Introduced by Dr Mohamed Shamradan Elbana, a consultant of critical medicine and ICU who is an expert in ICU teaching with more than 15 years of experience.
2- It is a simplified fundamental approach for Intensive care rooms care that worked on providing the full current and practical updated guidance that have made it the best-selling text in between critical care junior residents and house officers.
3- Providing the required guidance to ensure complete, safe, and effective treatment plans for patients in ICU rooms
4- Depending on a problem-based approach that emphasizes critical thinking and reflects the intensive care unit’s decision-making process, which helps in improving technique, reducing errors, and improving outcomes.
5- An easy, concise coloured format makes the reading process easier and helps memory in anchoring information and remembering.
6- Summary at the end of each chapter to conclude the chapter with the highlights points and important keywords.
7- High-quality images and illustrated mind maps of drugs and monitors for differential diagnosis and perfect use in different cases.
8- Updated with the most recent guidelines, help you find the answers you need quickly and helpfully.
9- Concentrated on dealing with CPR, cardiac arrest, mechanical ventilator, and cardiopulmonary emergency.

Contents of ICU MAN First Edition PDF:

(ABG-pulse-acidosis-alkalosis-artificial airways-mechanical ventilation-hemodynamic monitoring-fluids-catheters-cardiac arrest- CPR)
(Coronary syndrome-Angina-Myocardial infraction-hypertensive crisis……)
(Renal failure-hyperkalemia-transplant)
(Glasgow scale-brain damage-hemorrhage-shock-meningitis-spinal cord)
(Gastriritis-Esophageal varices-hepatic failure-peritonitis-surgery)
(Anemia-leukemia-neutropenia-DKA-Thyroid storm-Adrenal crisis)
ICU medications
Critical care tools

We Show Some Ratings of Doctors Who Read the ICU MAN First Edition Ebook:

Mina Adel, a junior surgery resident, expressed his satisfaction with the level of the book, saying as a general surgical resident, during my ICU rotation in a very huge hospital, dealing with SICU and CCU patients, He was running ECMO for two times, this book was a lifesaver for patients and me. Information is organized and comprehensive. he felt like an expert about tools and why we on this, and of this, in addition to learning sedatives and central lines, it is an easy, quick reference of ICU.

Ahmed Mussed, a registered nurse of ICU, said that he had read that book for more understanding and information; it was easy to read and simple for understanding, it gave me the answers to my questions.


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