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The proceedings set LNCS 12891, LNCS 12892, LNCS 12893, LNCS 12894 and LNCS 12895 constitute the proceedings of the 30th International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks, ICANN 2021, held in Bratislava, Slovakia, in September 2021.* The total of 265 full papers presented in these proceedings was carefully reviewed and selected from 496 submissions, and organized in 5 volumes.
In this volume, the papers focus on topics such as adversarial machine learning, anomaly detection, attention and transformers, audio and multimodal applications, bioinformatics and biosignal analysis, capsule networks and cognitive models.

*The conference was held online 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Table of contents :

Front Matter ….Pages i-xxvii
Front Matter ….Pages 1-1
On the Security Relevance of Initial Weights in Deep Neural Networks (Kathrin Grosse, Thomas A. Trost, Marius Mosbach, Michael Backes, Dietrich Klakow)….Pages 3-14
Fractal Residual Network for Face Image Super-Resolution (Yuchun Fang, Qicai Ran, Yifan Li)….Pages 15-26
From Imbalanced Classification to Supervised Outlier Detection Problems: Adversarially Trained Auto Encoders (Max Lübbering, Rajkumar Ramamurthy, Michael Gebauer, Thiago Bell, Rafet Sifa, Christian Bauckhage)….Pages 27-38
Generating Adversarial Texts for Recurrent Neural Networks (Chang Liu, Wang Lin, Zhengfeng Yang)….Pages 39-51
Enforcing Linearity in DNN Succours Robustness and Adversarial Image Generation (Anindya Sarkar, Raghu Iyengar)….Pages 52-64
Computational Analysis of Robustness in Neural Network Classifiers (Iveta Bečková, àtefan Pócoš, Igor Farkaš)….Pages 65-76
Front Matter ….Pages 77-77
Convolutional Neural Networks with Reusable Full-Dimension-Long Layers for Feature Selection and Classification of Motor Imagery in EEG Signals (Mikhail Tokovarov)….Pages 79-91
Compressing Genomic Sequences by Using Deep Learning (Wenwen Cui, Zhaoyang Yu, Zhuangzhuang Liu, Gang Wang, Xiaoguang Liu)….Pages 92-104
Learning Tn5 Sequence Bias from ATAC-seq on Naked Chromatin (Meshal Ansari, David S. Fischer, Fabian J. Theis)….Pages 105-114
Tucker Tensor Decomposition of Multi-session EEG Data (Zuzana Rošťáková, Roman Rosipal, Saman Seifpour)….Pages 115-126
Reactive Hand Movements from Arm Kinematics and EMG Signals Based on Hierarchical Gaussian Process Dynamical Models (Nick Taubert, Jesse St. Amand, Prerana Kumar, Leonardo Gizzi, Martin A. Giese)….Pages 127-140
Front Matter ….Pages 141-141
Investigating Efficient Learning and Compositionality in Generative LSTM Networks (Sarah Fabi, Sebastian Otte, Jonas Gregor Wiese, Martin V. Butz)….Pages 143-154
Fostering Event Compression Using Gated Surprise (Dania Humaidan, Sebastian Otte, Martin V. Butz)….Pages 155-167
Physiologically-Inspired Neural Circuits for the Recognition of Dynamic Faces (Michael Stettler, Nick Taubert, Tahereh Azizpour, Ramona Siebert, Silvia Spadacenta, Peter Dicke et al.)….Pages 168-179
Hierarchical Modeling with Neurodynamical Agglomerative Analysis (Michael Marino, Georg Schröter, Gunther Heidemann, Joachim Hertzberg)….Pages 180-191
Front Matter ….Pages 193-193
Deep and Wide Neural Networks Covariance Estimation (Argimiro Arratia, Alejandra Cabaña, José Rafael León)….Pages 195-206
Monotone Deep Spectrum Kernels (Ivano Lauriola, Fabio Aiolli)….Pages 207-219
Permutation Learning in Convolutional Neural Networks for Time-Series Analysis (Gavneet Singh Chadha, Jinwoo Kim, Andreas Schwung, Steven X. Ding)….Pages 220-231
Front Matter ….Pages 233-233
GTFNet: Ground Truth Fitting Network for Crowd Counting (Jinghan Tan, Jun Sang, Zhili Xiang, Ying Shi, Xiaofeng Xia)….Pages 235-246
Evaluation of Deep Learning Methods for Bone Suppression from Dual Energy Chest Radiography (Ilyas Sirazitdinov, Konstantin Kubrak, Semen Kiselev, Alexey Tolkachev, Maksym Kholiavchenko, Bulat Ibragimov)….Pages 247-257
Multi-person Absolute 3D Human Pose Estimation with Weak Depth Supervision (Márton Véges, András Lőrincz)….Pages 258-270
Solar Power Forecasting Based on Pattern Sequence Similarity and Meta-learning (Yang Lin, Irena Koprinska, Mashud Rana, Alicia Troncoso)….Pages 271-283
Analysis and Prediction of Deforming 3D Shapes Using Oriented Bounding Boxes and LSTM Autoencoders (Sara Hahner, Rodrigo Iza-Teran, Jochen Garcke)….Pages 284-296
Front Matter ….Pages 297-297
Novel Sketch-Based 3D Model Retrieval via Cross-domain Feature Clustering and Matching (Kai Gao, Jian Zhang, Chen Li, Changbo Wang, Gaoqi He, Hong Qin)….Pages 299-311
Multi-objective Cuckoo Algorithm for Mobile Devices Network Architecture Search (Nan Zhang, Jianzong Wang, Jian Yang, Xiaoyang Qu, Jing Xiao)….Pages 312-324
DeepED: A Deep Learning Framework for Estimating Evolutionary Distances (Zhuangzhuang Liu, Mingming Ren, Zhiheng Niu, Gang Wang, Xiaoguang Liu)….Pages 325-336
Interpretable Machine Learning Structure for an Early Prediction of Lane Changes (Oliver Gallitz, Oliver De Candido, Michael Botsch, Ron Melz, Wolfgang Utschick)….Pages 337-349
Front Matter ….Pages 351-351
Convex Density Constraints for Computing Plausible Counterfactual Explanations (André Artelt, Barbara Hammer)….Pages 353-365
Identifying Critical States by the Action-Based Variance of Expected Return (Izumi Karino, Yoshiyuki Ohmura, Yasuo Kuniyoshi)….Pages 366-378
Explaining Concept Drift by Mean of Direction (Fabian Hinder, Johannes Kummert, Barbara Hammer)….Pages 379-390
Front Matter ….Pages 391-391
Context Adaptive Metric Model for Meta-learning (Zhe Wang, Fanzhang Li)….Pages 393-405
Ensemble-Based Deep Metric Learning for Few-Shot Learning (Meng Zhou, Yaoyi Li, Hongtao Lu)….Pages 406-418
More Attentional Local Descriptors for Few-Shot Learning (Hui Li, Liu Yang, Fei Gao)….Pages 419-430
Implementation of Siamese-Based Few-Shot Learning Algorithms for the Distinction of COPD and Asthma Subjects (Pouya Soltani Zarrin, Christian Wenger)….Pages 431-440
Few-Shot Learning for Medical Image Classification (Aihua Cai, Wenxin Hu, Jun Zheng)….Pages 441-452
Front Matter ….Pages 453-453
Adversarial Defense via Attention-Based Randomized Smoothing (Xiao Xu, Shiyu Feng, Zheng Wang, Lizhe Xie, Yining Hu)….Pages 455-466
Learning to Learn from Mistakes: Robust Optimization for Adversarial Noise (Alex Serban, Erik Poll, Joost Visser)….Pages 467-478
Unsupervised Anomaly Detection with a GAN Augmented Autoencoder (Laya Rafiee, Thomas Fevens)….Pages 479-490
An Efficient Blurring-Reconstruction Model to Defend Against Adversarial Attacks (Wen Zhou, Liming Wang, Yaohao Zheng)….Pages 491-503
EdgeAugment: Data Augmentation by Fusing and Filling Edge Maps (Bangfeng Xia, Yueling Zhang, Weiting Chen, Xiangfeng Wang, Jiangtao Wang)….Pages 504-516
Face Anti-spoofing with a Noise-Attention Network Using Color-Channel Difference Images (Yuanyuan Ren, Yongjian Hu, Beibei Liu, Yixiang Xie, Yufei Wang)….Pages 517-526
Front Matter ….Pages 527-527
Variational Autoencoder with Global- and Medium Timescale Auxiliaries for Emotion Recognition from Speech (Hussam Almotlak, Cornelius Weber, Leyuan Qu, Stefan Wermter)….Pages 529-540
Improved Classification Based on Deep Belief Networks (Jaehoon Koo, Diego Klabjan)….Pages 541-552
Temporal Anomaly Detection by Deep Generative Models with Applications to Biological Data (Takaya Ueda, Yukako Tohsato, Ikuko Nishikawa)….Pages 553-565
Inferring, Predicting, and Denoising Causal Wave Dynamics (Matthias Karlbauer, Sebastian Otte, Hendrik P. A. Lensch, Thomas Scholten, Volker Wulfmeyer, Martin V. Butz)….Pages 566-577
PART-GAN: Privacy-Preserving Time-Series Sharing (Shuo Wang, Carsten Rudolph, Surya Nepal, Marthie Grobler, Shangyu Chen)….Pages 578-593
EvoNet: A Neural Network for Predicting the Evolution of Dynamic Graphs (Changmin Wu, Giannis Nikolentzos, Michalis Vazirgiannis)….Pages 594-606
Front Matter ….Pages 607-607
Facial Expression Recognition Method Based on a Part-Based Temporal Convolutional Network with a Graph-Structured Representation (Lei Zhong, Changmin Bai, Jianfeng Li, Tong Chen, Shigang Li)….Pages 609-620
Generating Facial Expressions Associated with Text (Lisa Graziani, Stefano Melacci, Marco Gori)….Pages 621-632
Bilinear Fusion of Commonsense Knowledge with Attention-Based NLI Models (Amit Gajbhiye, Thomas Winterbottom, Noura Al Moubayed, Steven Bradley)….Pages 633-646
Neural-Symbolic Relational Reasoning on Graph Models: Effective Link Inference and Computation from Knowledge Bases (Henrique Lemos, Pedro Avelar, Marcelo Prates, Artur Garcez, Luís Lamb)….Pages 647-659
Tell Me Why You Feel That Way: Processing Compositional Dependency for Tree-LSTM Aspect Sentiment Triplet Extraction (TASTE) (Alexander Sutherland, Suna Bensch, Thomas Hellström, Sven Magg, Stefan Wermter)….Pages 660-671
SOM-Based System for Sequence Chunking and Planning (Martin Takac, Alistair Knott, Mark Sagar)….Pages 672-684
Front Matter ….Pages 685-685
Bilinear Models for Machine Learning (Tayssir Doghri, Leszek Szczecinski, Jacob Benesty, Amar Mitiche)….Pages 687-698
Enriched Feature Representation and Combination for Deep Saliency Detection (Lecheng Zhou, Xiaodong Gu)….Pages 699-710
Spectral Graph Reasoning Network for Hyperspectral Image Classification (Huiling Wang)….Pages 711-723
Salient Object Detection with Edge Recalibration (Zhenshan Tan, Yikai Hua, Xiaodong Gu)….Pages 724-735
Multi-Scale Cross-Modal Spatial Attention Fusion for Multi-label Image Recognition (Junbing Li, Changqing Zhang, Xueman Wang, Ling Du)….Pages 736-747
A New Efficient Finger-Vein Verification Based on Lightweight Neural Network Using Multiple Schemes (Haocong Zheng, Yongjian Hu, Beibei Liu, Guang Chen, Alex C. Kot)….Pages 748-758
Front Matter ….Pages 759-759
SU-Net: An Efficient Encoder-Decoder Model of Federated Learning for Brain Tumor Segmentation (Liping Yi, Jinsong Zhang, Rui Zhang, Jiaqi Shi, Gang Wang, Xiaoguang Liu)….Pages 761-773
Synthesis of Registered Multimodal Medical Images with Lesions (Yili Qu, Wanqi Su, Xuan Lv, Chufu Deng, Ying Wang, Yutong Lu et al.)….Pages 774-786
ACE-Net: Adaptive Context Extraction Network for Medical Image Segmentation (Tuo Leng, Yu Wang, Ying Li, Zhijie Wen)….Pages 787-799
Wavelet U-Net for Medical Image Segmentation (Ying Li, Yu Wang, Tuo Leng, Wen Zhijie)….Pages 800-810
Front Matter ….Pages 811-811
Character-Based LSTM-CRF with Semantic Features for Chinese Event Element Recognition (Wei Liu, Yusen Wu, Lei Jiang, Jianfeng Fu, Weimin Li)….Pages 813-824
Sequence Prediction Using Spectral RNNs (Moritz Wolter, Jürgen Gall, Angela Yao)….Pages 825-837
Attention Based Mechanism for Load Time Series Forecasting: AN-LSTM (Jatin Bedi)….Pages 838-849
DartsReNet: Exploring New RNN Cells in ReNet Architectures (Brian B. Moser, Federico Raue, Jörn Hees, Andreas Dengel)….Pages 850-861
On Multi-modal Fusion for Freehand Gesture Recognition (Monika Schak, Alexander Gepperth)….Pages 862-873
Recurrent Neural Network Learning of Performance and Intrinsic Population Dynamics from Sparse Neural Data (Alessandro Salatiello, Martin A. Giese)….Pages 874-886
Back Matter ….Pages 887-891

Product information

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Springer; 1st ed. 2021 edition (September 12, 2021)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Paperback ‏ : ‎ 640 pages
ISBN-10 ‏ : ‎ 3030863611
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-3030863616

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