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Health care providers frequently engage in setting policy agenda at the individual, systems, institutional, or public level. Health Policy: Application for Nurses and Other Health Care Professionals, Second Edition provides an overview of the policy making process within a variety of settings including academia, clinical practice, communities, and various health care systems. By including both policy evaluation and research, the author provides a comprehensive and multi-perspective approach to developing and formulating effective health care policy. The Second Edition has been updated to include new chapters on the following topic areas: board governance and policy leadership, institutional and organizational and association policy, healthcare systems and global health policy. In addition, the text provides key information on the process of policy search process and offers and expanded policy institute listing. New to the Second Edition Updated references Additional figures, tables and templates New case studies Key Point Boxes in each chapter highlight key concepts Primary source referencing for definitions (Black’s Law Dictionary) Instructor Resources: Manual Transition Guide Case studies Test bank PowerPoint slides


Table of contents :

Title Page
CHAPTER 1 Policy Overview
Policy Defined
Policy and Political Theory
Types of Policy
Policy Intention
Policy Decision Making: Influencing Factors
Agenda Setting
Policy Models
Policy Cycle–Process
Policy on Policy
Summary Points
CHAPTER 2 Governmental Structure
Governmental Structure
U.S. Constitution
Branches of Government
Federal Budget Process
State Constitutions
City Charters
International Governing Bodies
Summary Points
CHAPTER 3 Executive Branch: Federal Governmental Agencies and Appointed Bodies
The Executive Branch Power Base
The Presidential Election
President of the United States (POTUS)
Executive Office of the President
The President’s Cabinet
Executive Branch Independent Agencies
Order of Presidential Succession
The Vice President
Office of the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS)
White House Fellows and Interns
Executive Offices: State and Local Governmental Level
Summary Points
CHAPTER 4 Legislative Branch: Role in Policy
Legislative Structure: Congress of the United States
Political Parties
Tea Party
Role of Congressional Members
Congressional Election Process
Formation of Law
Types of Law (Legal Policy)
Summary Points
CHAPTER 5 Judicial Branch: The Court System
Structure of Judicial Branch
Litigation Process
Types of Policy Formulated
Nurses’ Role in Judicial System
Summary Points
CHAPTER 6 Healthcare Systems
Overview of United States Healthcare System
Models of Healthcare
Healthcare Funding
Healthcare Reform
Social Determinants of Health as Policy Framework
Interrelationship of Healthcare Systems and Policy
Summary Points
CHAPTER 7 Global, International, and Planetary Health Policy
International and Global Health Defined
Planetary Health Defined
Global Health Policy
Global Health Organizations
Global Policy Issues
Global Politics
Global Policymaking Process
Summary Points
CHAPTER 8 Public Health Policy
Public Health Law Defined
Foundation and Scope of Public Health Law
Constitutional Law
Public Health Laws
Personal Health Law and Policy
Environmental Health Law
Occupational Health Law
Statutory Law
Administrative Law
Tort Law
Summary Points
CHAPTER 9 Policy Formulation and Implementation
Policy Development Context
Policy Formulation
Policymakers in the Governmental Branches
Nurses and Other Healthcare Professionals as Policymakers
Interprofessional Policymaking
Policy Models
Executive Policymaking: Executive Orders and Memorandums
Incremental Policy Formulation
Policy Instruments
Transformative Policy Formulation
Policy Implementation Process
Promulgation of Rules and Regulations
Diffusion of Innovation
Policy Modification
Policy Modification versus Policy Change
Policy Development: Expanding the Scope of Nursing Practice
Policy Termination
Summary Points
CHAPTER 10 Policy Analysis
Policy Analysis Models
Policy Analysis Process
Problem or Issue Analysis
Issue Analysis Process
Problem Analysis Process
A Summative Policy Analysis Process
Summary Points
CHAPTER 11 Policy Research and Evaluation
Policy Research
Policy Research Process
Research Designs and Methods
Policy Research Extramural Funding
Research Utilization
Research Utilization Models
Legal Research Process
Policy Evaluation
Policy Evaluation Models and Process
Research and Evaluation Informing Policy Formulation and Modification
Policy Evaluation Dissemination
Summary Points
CHAPTER 12 Evidence Informing Policymaking
Evidence-Based Practice Frameworks
Quality Improvement
Population Outcomes
Evidence-Based Practice Informing Policy Formulation and Modification
Summary Points
CHAPTER 13 Board Governance and Policy Leadership
Governance Defined
Boards Defined
Board Structure
Board Responsibilities and Duties
Board Competency
Board Appointment
Board Governance Document: Bylaws
Board Assessment
Board Policymaking Process
Summary Points
CHAPTER 14 Institutional and Organizational/Association Policy
Defining Institutional Policy
Defining Organizational/Association Policy
Types of Institutional and Organizational/Association Policy
Organizational Politics
Diagnosis of Organizational Politics
Institutional Policymaking Process
Organizational/Association Policy Process
Policy and Procedure Manual
Summary Points
CHAPTER 15 Politics: Theory and Practice
Politics Defined
Constituents and Stakeholders
Ten Tenets of Politics
Political Savvy and Astuteness
Political Power
Iron Triangles
Nurses’ Stages of Political Engagement
Organizational Politics
Communication: The Tool of Politics
Political Protocol
Political Theory and Philosophical Perspective Overview
Political System
Political Process
Political Strategies
Political Campaigns
Politics and Economics
Political Analysis
Conflicts of Interest
Lobbying and Government Employees
Summary Points
CHAPTER 16 Policy, Law, and Politics: Ethical Perspective
Ethics Defined
Ethical Theories and Paradigms
Ethical Principles
Values Clarification
Ethical Influence of Culture and Religion on Policy
Ethical Decision-Making Process
Codes of Ethics
Ethical Engagement in Political Process
Government Employees and Ethics
Conflict of Interest
Policy Research Ethical Principles
Summary Points
CHAPTER 17 Policy Institutes
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) Public Policy Institute
American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
Aspen Institute
Brookings Institution
Cato Institute
Center for Responsive Politics
Claremont Institute for Economic Policy Studies
The Commonwealth Fund
Economic Policy Institute
The Educational Policy Institute
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting
Hudson Institute
Institute for Higher Education Policy (IHEP)
Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy
Justice Policy Institute
Kaiser Family Foundation
Kettering Foundation
National Institute for Public Policy
Rand Corporation
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
The Rockefeller Foundation
Schneider Institutes for Health Policy
Urban Institute
Summary Points
APPENDIX A Presidential and Congressional Political Party Leadership
APPENDIX B List of Public Laws
APPENDIX C Policy Resources and Websites
APPENDIX D Policy and Politics Journals
APPENDIX E Executive Department Functions

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