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Hey, I am Alex Kat…

Just a guy in NYC, who has dreamed of being an actor. I have been able to get a few parts here and there, but I found myself as the sole care giver of my elderly mom, in the middle of manhattan.

Yep, a grown man living with and taking care of his mother. Not the most exciting or sexy thing in the world. Well, since I was taking care of her, I began to go ALL in, I mean like deep into health. Anything and everything that did not have the word MD behind it. Feng Shui, Energy Healing, Sound Bowels, Chinese Medicine, Eastern Energy, Meditation, Frequency Bars, Qi Gong, even Shaolin Kung Fu.

I spent thousands of dollars and over 15,000 hours learning healing and health of the human body. I even began to create my own herbs and essential oils!

I digress…..

Then 2020, HIT! HIT Hard. Like most people we found ourselves stuck in a situation we did not want to be in. I lost my little side job, and now I was living and breathing my mom non-stop.

I love her, and it was driving me crazy!

So, I began a podcast. Raging Health Podcast.

Simple Really. Interviewing Experts on Health.

What is so interesting is what I discovered…

The Experts I was interviewing were ‘ok’, but they were not really seeing the body as an entire eco-system, with energy, Chakras, Quantum Physics, and Power Centers. They were only looking at one tiny part.

I thought to myself, well, I am unemployed, they are making money helping people. How can I really begin to help people during this health crisis the world was in?

So, I wrote this book.

Increasing Your Immune System, NOW! Before You Get The Seasonal Flu

This book is to truly serve any person who desires to increase their energy, their vitality, and their immune system – so that they stay healthy during our current Health Challenges in our world today.

I hope you enjoy!

Tell me your experience and feedback!

Check out my Podcast


Alex Kat – Raging Health Podcast

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