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English | 2021 | ISBN:1119692326 | 355 pages | True PDF | 3.49 MB

Learn to analyze and measure risk by exploring the nature of trust and its application to cybersecurity Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud delivers an insightful and practical new take on what it means to trust in the context of computer and network security and the impact on the emeg field of Confidential Computing.

Author Mike Bursell’s experience, rag from Chief Security Architect at Red Hat to CEO at a Confidential Computing start-up grounds the reader in fundamental concepts of trust and related ideas before discussing the more sophisticated applications of these concepts to various areas in computing. The book demonstrates in the importance of understanding and quantifying risk and draws on the social and computer sciences to explain hardware and software security, complex systems, and open source communities. It takes a detailed look at the impact of Confidential Computing on security, trust and risk and also describes the emeg concept of trust domains, which provide an alternative to standard layered security. Foundational definitions of trust from sociology and other social sciences, how they evolved, and what modern concepts of trust mean to computer professionals A comprehensive examination of the importance of systems, from open-source communities to HSMs, TPMs, and Confidential Computing with TEEs. A thorough exploration of trust domains, including explorations of communities of practice, the centralization of control and policies, and monitoring Perfect for security architects at the CISSP level or higher, Trust in Computer Systems and the Cloud is also an indispensable addition to the libraries of system architects, security system eeers, and master’s students in software architecture and security.

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Table of contents :

Title Page
Copyright Page
About the Author
About the Technical Editor
Contents at a Glance
Chapter 1 Why Trust?
Analysing Our Trust Statements
What Is Trust?
What Is Agency?
Trust and Security
Trust as a Way for Humans to Manage Risk
Risk, Trust, and Computing
Defining Trust in Systems
Defining Correctness in System Behaviour
Chapter 2 Humans and Trust
The Role of Monitoring and Reporting in Creating Trust
Game Theory
The Prisoner’s Dilemma
Reputation and Generalised Trust
Institutional Trust
Theories of Institutional Trust
Who Is Actually Being Trusted?
Trust Based on Authority
Trusting Individuals
Trusting Ourselves
Trusting Others
Trust, But Verify
Attacks from Within
The Dangers of Anthropomorphism
Identifying the Real Trustee
Chapter 3 Trust Operations and Alternatives
Trust Actors, Operations, and Components
Reputation, Transitive Trust, and Distributed Trust
Agency and Intentionality
Alternatives to Trust
Legal Contracts
Assurance and Accountability
Trust of Non-Human or Non-Adult Actors
Expressions of Trust
Relating Trust and Security
Misplaced Trust
Chapter 4 Defining Trust in Computing
A Survey of Trust Definitions in Computer Systems
Other Definitions of Trust within Computing
Applying Socio-Philosophical Definitions of Trust to Systems
Mathematics and Trust
Mathematics and Cryptography
Mathematics and Formal Verification
Chapter 5 The Importance of Systems
System Design
The Network Stack
Linux Layers
Virtualisation and Containers: Cloud Stacks
Other Axes of System Design
“Trusted” Systems
Trust Within the Network Stack
Trust in Linux Layers
Trust in Cloud Stacks
Hardware Root of Trust
Cryptographic Hash Functions
Measured Boot and Trusted Boot
Certificate Authorities
Internet Certificate Authorities
Local Certificate Authorities
Root Certificates as Trust Pivots
The Temptations of “Zero Trust”
The Importance of Systems
Worked Example: Purchasing Whisky
Actors, Organisations, and Systems
Stepping Through the Transaction
Attacks and Vulnerabilities
Trust Relationships and Agency
Trust Relationships
The Importance of Being Explicit
Explicit Actions
Explicit Actors
Chapter 6 Blockchain and Trust
Bitcoin and Other Blockchains
Permissioned Blockchains
Trust without Blockchains
Blockchain Promoting Trust
Permissionless Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies
Chapter 7 The Importance of Time
Decay of Trust
Decay of Trust and Lifecycle
Software Lifecycle
Trust Anchors, Trust Pivots, and the Supply Chain
Types of Trust Anchors
Monitoring and Time
The Problem of Measurement
The Problem of Run Time
Trusted Computing Base
Component Choice and Trust
Reputation Systems and Trust
Chapter 8 Systems and Trust
System Components
Explicit Behaviour
Defining Explicit Trust
Dangers of Automated Trust Relationships
Time and Systems
Defining System Boundaries
Trust and a Complex System
Isolation and Virtualisation
The Stack and Time
Beyond Virtual Machines
Hardware-Based Type 3 Isolation
Chapter 9 Open Source and Trust
Distributed Trust
How Open Source Relates to Trust
Community and Projects
Projects and the Personal
Open Source Process
Trusting the Project
Trusting the Software
Supply Chain and Products
Open Source and Security
Chapter 10 Trust, the Cloud, and the Edge
Deployment Model Differences
What Host Systems Offer
What Tenants Need
Mutually Adversarial Computing
Mitigations and Their Efficacy
Commercial Mitigations
Architectural Mitigations
Technical Mitigations
Chapter 11 Hardware, Trust, and Confidential Computing
Properties of Hardware and Trust
Roots of Trust
Physical Compromise
Confidential Computing
TEE TCBs in detail
Trust Relationships and TEEs
How Execution Can Go Wrong—and Mitigations
Minimum Numbers of Trustees
Explicit Trust Models for TEE Deployments
Chapter 12 Trust Domains
The Composition of Trust Domains
Trust Domains in a Bank
Trust Domains in a Distributed Architecture
Trust Domain Primitives and Boundaries
Trust Domain Primitives
Trust Domains and Policy
Other Trust Domain Primitives
Centralisation of Control and Policies
Chapter 13 A World of Explicit Trust
Tools for Trust
The Role of the Architect
Architecting the System
The Architect and the Trustee

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Publisher ‏ : ‎ Wiley; 1st edition (December 9, 2021)
Language ‏ : ‎ English
Hardcover ‏ : ‎ 352 pages
ISBN-13 ‏ : ‎ 978-1119692324

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