Philosophy and the Study of Education: New Perspectives on a Complex Relationship


Combining contributions from international academics and practitioners, this new text develops students’ ability to philosophise as well as learn about philosophy and education. It considers issues concerned with the interface between education and wider society but goes beyond this to explore education and philosophy at a micro level: the teacher–learner relationship. It challenges and empowers students to use philosophy as a tool within education, as a set of theories to understand education and as a potential means to develop solutions to problems as they occur within practice.

Assuming no pre-existing philosophical background, Philosophy and the Study of Education explores complex topics including:

encouraging young people to criticise and challenge all authority;

the limits of a religious-based education;

the desire for ‘alternative facts’ or ‘truths’;

the second-class status of vocational pursuits;

the inherent struggle in the teacher–student relationship;

the relationship between emotion, morality and autonomy in teaching.

Including discussion questions and further recommended reading, this thought-providing book will support and inspire all those on Education Studies, Childhood Studies and Youth Studies courses in developing a critical perspective and understanding the true value of philosophy within education.

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