Stylish and classic short haircuts for women over 50


Stylish and classic short haircuts for women over 50

It is admirable when women are brave in their appearance. Be it with a daring dress, a striking lipstick or a special haircut. There are many especially with the latter Opportunities to try something new. How about a great short haircut? But the possibilities are so diverse that you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed by the question of what suits you.


A great tip is to get inspiration from celebrities. These ladies are ultimately advised by professional stylists. We want to get up today prominent ladies over 50 with short hair focus. Younger women are of course also invited to be inspired.

1. Annette Bening’s fresh cut

You probably know Annette Bening from the series Miami Vice or the movie American Beauty. She is still an actress and has aged in the spotlight. However, the Hollywood actress still looks gorgeous. Her hairstyle definitely adds to this and rounds off her natural look. She has had short hair for many years and has tried it out again and again.

She showed herself with this haircut at an event and it looks great on her. Despite the short hair, there is movement and volume. The cut is also suitable if you don’t have particularly full hair. The hairstyle can be easily shaped with a little wax.

2. Olivia Newton’s bob with bangs

In the 1978 film Grease, Olivia Newton (right) wore a curly head that has now been replaced by a short hairstyle. She has chosen an absolute classic and has been wearing bob for years. This actually makes her look younger because she is already over 70. Would you have thought that? According to her own statement, she owes her youthful genes to her good genes and her positive attitude towards life.

She owes her hairstyle to the stylist Sally Hershberger, who styles her hair regularly. She was even allowed to accompany them on their tour and took care of them. Of course, not everyone can afford this luxury. With a round brush, hairdryer and a little practice, you can do it yourself.

3. Maye Musk’s beautiful natural hair color

Maye Musk (left) may have a famous son, but was a model before his career and was quite successful at it. She has already graced several covers of various fashion magazines. Even at over 70, she has not yet disappeared from the scene and walks beaming across the red carpets.

She wears her short gray hair with pride. Until she turned 60, she regularly colored her hair. One day, however, she got tired of it and decided on her natural hair color. We support this decision. Maye Musk is known for styling her hair in a casual and cool way. The upper part is a little longer, which gives you many options to style it.

4. Olivia Davis’ perfect bob

Viola Davis loves to change her hairstyles. She has also tried a lot when it comes to short hairstyles. She wore this chic bob to a party. This one was perfectly styled and her hair was shiny and silky. If you have straight hair this is a very comfortable hairstyle for you. But you can also style a bob with waves or curls with the help of a hairdryer and straightening iron.

If you have fine hair, you can create significantly more body with a volume brush. Styling products provide hold. The classic among short haircuts suits almost every womanregardless of whether she prefers the sporty or elegant style.

5. Kris Jenner’s side bangs

Kris Jenner loves her side bangs. She can do this in a variety of ways. Either she wears it on her face or sometimes blown it backwards. This makes the short hairstyle particularly variable and is proof that short hair is by no means boring. The famous mom has been wearing this length and hair color for years. Sometimes she styles the cut rather smoothly and on other days a little wilder.

At this event was the brave look appropriate and she styled the short hairstyle with a side part. With the white blazer and the matching blouse, she even looks a bit conservative. We really like the look on her.

6. Sharon Stone’s short bob

Doesn’t she look amazing? Sharon Stone has a very classic bob that looks very modern on her. On the one hand it has to do with her outfit and on the other hand it has to do with it the type of styling. To the Look to freshen up a bit she messed it up a little instead of wearing it completely smooth.

Sharon Stone has been seen with many hairstyles. Often her hair was also much longer. This hairstyle is a nice change of pace. The great thing is that you can style the hairstyle very differently. If you feel like it, you can also wear a hair accessory such as a beautiful clip.

7. Cynthia Nixon’s good looks

The actress Cynthia Nixon is also very involved in politics. She is a member of the United States Democratic Party. But today it’s not about her commitment, but about her hairstyle. She has had short hair for yearswhat suits her very well. She has proven that short hair and femininity go hand in hand.

She already wore this hairstyle in her famous role as Miranda and became a role model for many women. She likes to turn it into a wilder look. However, at events she can elegantly style the hairstyle. This hairstyle really suits any mature woman’s life.

8. Meg Ryan’s curls

Meg Ryan’s wild, curly hair has become her trademark. In fact, it came about by accident and is therefore her favorite hairstyle. In one film, she played a woman stranded in Paris with no luggage, money or an apartment. For this role, she had to look like she had no way of styling herself.

This look suited her so well that she kept it. Women still come to hairdressing salons around the world and want them Meg Ryan hairstyle. If you have wavy hair then this is a great hairstyle for you too. The curls can be brought into good shape with a diffuser.

9. Jane Fonda’s blown bob

This celebrity lady is also a great inspiration when it comes to hairstyle. She not only looks likeable, but also advocates civil rights and climate protection. The Oscar winner has always had short hairstyles and therefore belongs on this list.

She is currently wearing a bob that is blown very voluminously. This makes the classic hairstyle something special. She has fine hair that gives it a lot of volume. With the help of a volume brush and a lot of hairspray, you too can achieve the look. Your hairdresser can certainly give you great tips on this. While this hairstyle is a little more time consuming, it also makes you look very glamorous.

10. Laurie Metcalf’s waves

Laurie Metcalf has appeared in many films and series. We especially liked her as the mother of Sheldon Cooper on the show Big Bang Theory. She has performed there over and over again over the years. We also really like her hairstyle. She wears a short hairstyle with longer strands that play around the face.

The wavy strands are a special detail. This makes the look more refreshing. These waves can be achieved with a curling iron or straightening iron. The latter is a great hairstyle helper that should not be missing in any bathroom. After all, it is not only suitable for straightening hair, but also for styling waves.

11. Isabella Rossellini

The Italian-American actress Isabella Rossellini also loves the short hair look. She is the daughter of the actress Ingrid Bergmann and the Italian director Roberto Rosellini. She wore short hair from a young age and has remained true to herself in this matter. For some time now, she has blow-dried the ends of her hair to give the hairstyle more curl. This makes the hair look a little shorter than it actually is.

Because her hair is very fine, which is why she always needs a lot of styling products. That is why it is also practical for her to wear a short hairstyle. If you have fine hair too, the hairstyle could be a good fit for you too.

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