These Are The 10 Most Popular Travel Destinations In 2022


These Are The 10 Most Popular Travel Destinations In 2022

Cape Verde, Istria, Jordan, Sri Lanka, Belize: These were just a few of the British‘ favorite travel destinations in 2021. But where will we head in 2022? The Paradedaily has researched and presented the 10 most popular travel destinations:



One of the favorite destinations of Germans in 2022 is their own balcony. The holiday resort, which is also known as the balcony, not only comes with fresh air (exception: inner cities) but also has numerous other amenities such as an all-inclusive beer crate, barbecue facilities and the magical background noise of pounding neighbors.


2. Excursion to the garden

If you have an apartment with a garden, you can look forward to great trips into the countryside. If you yourself or your family members have been diligent, it is not completely overgrown. Here you can let your mind wander – provided you always keep a distance of 1.50 from the neighboring garden fence.


3. Relaxation & shopping in the supermarket

The local supermarket is always worth a visit. No matter whether Hy-Vee, Publix, Aldi, Lidl, Penny, Rewe or Real – the shopping possibilities of this exclusive holiday destination are as unique as the endlessly empty expanses of the toilet paper shelf.

4. Adventure trip to the basement

Those who travel to the basement at home can look forward to great sights. Whether you admire the washing machine, dryer, boiler room or simply the picturesque cobwebs in the corners – afterward you have a lot to report to those who stayed above.

5. Expedition to the nearby park where everyone goes

Is there anything more relaxing than a walk in the countryside? Unfortunately not at the moment. This is why travel experts are recommending regular individual trips this year to the nearby park where everyone goes. Meet the same people every day and take unforgettable vacation photos of the same shrub and meadow, along which the same paths lead.

6. The round trip once around the block

If you like to experience one or the other adventure on your vacation, you can go on a round trip around the block. Parked cars, dogs on leash, worried-looking passers-by – here you get everything in terms of thrills.

7. A short trip to the garbage can in front of the house

A feast for all the senses: a short trip to the garbage can in front of the house will take you to a completely different world with unique views and exotic smells. Simply to enjoy!

8. Enjoy the mountain air in the attic

Aaaah! Fresh mountain air after a strenuous climb! The loft is probably one of the most spectacular holiday destinations in 2020. Where else can you see embarrassing children’s photos, broken inflatable boats, scratched suitcases and empty moving boxes in addition to either cold or extremely hot temperatures? Your friends and acquaintances will be jealous!

9. Work & Travel to your own workplace

On vacation, you don’t always have to do anything! If you are not one of those people whose job is so useless that it can be done just as well in your home office, you can easily combine work and adventure vacation. Travel once a day on extinct streets and in empty buses and trams to your workplace, where you do your usual work day in, day out, isolated from the outside world and colleagues. Nobody gets around as much as you!

10. Surf vacation on the Internet

A trip to the Internet is always worthwhile. Where else can you surf to your heart’s content these days, experience erotic adventures on Pornhub or admire idiotic compilations of the most popular travel destinations in 2022?

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