Warning You should never eat more than 2 Brazil nuts a day


Brazil nuts are not only delicious, they are also incredibly healthy. They contain a lot of selenium, which is vital, and they also provide many healthy unsaturated and poly-saturated fatty acids. The uses are almost endless. Whether sweet or salty, Brazil nuts just go with almost anything.

They can be added to cereals, cakes, other delicacies or in curries and other salty dishes to provide the necessary taste, the bite and, incidentally, the positive well-being effect. Unfortunately, despite these healthy aspects, you shouldn’t consume more than two Brazil nuts per day. We cover why …

1. The advantages

The Brazil nut comes from South America and, as already mentioned, it is one of the most important suppliers of the trace element selenium. It can positively influence many metabolic functions and has a very good effect on the thyroid glands and the immune system. Selenium can also conduct heavy metals out of the body.

A real superfood! Forget about preparations and dietary supplements, because just two nuts a day replace a corresponding agent since two nuts already have 100 micrograms of selenium. So you can just eat a few nuts in the morning or evening and see the first results soon after. Unbelievable what’s in the little nutlets.

2. Selenium – an important trace element

The thyroid gland: a small, butterfly-shaped gland that lies in your neck and ensures a balanced hormone balance. It regulates metabolism, growth, and body temperature. Thyroid tissue has the highest concentration of selenium that it needs to produce the thyroid hormone T3.

Low selenium intake can lead to cell damage, decreased thyroid activity, and autoimmune diseases, as well as increasing your risk of thyroid cancer. A large study in China showed that people with low selenium levels had a significantly higher risk of various diseases. This underlines the importance of adequate selenium intake. Only one Brazil nut a day should provide enough selenium to maintain thyroid function.

3. In addition …

… Brazil nuts are pumped up with antioxidants. These can help maintain cell health. Free radical damage is combated. Not only selenium but also vitamin E and certain acids can support the body. So they are a real vitamin bomb for the body.

Selenium increases the level of an enzyme that helps reduce inflammation and protect the body from oxidative stress. The anti-inflammatory effects of Brazil nuts can be achieved over a long period of time if consumed regularly. However, studies have also shown that the effects of nuts decrease as soon as you stop consuming them regularly.

4. The problem

However, Brazil nuts unfortunately have to deal with a crucial problem that drastically mitigates the health benefits. Because: they receive an above-average number of radioactive substances and their radium content is significantly higher than in other foods.

Fresh food can often be “radioactive”, but it is usually so small that it is not immediately toxic or dangerous for us humans. The Brazil nut tree is an exception, however, because it only absorbs radioactive substances and directs them directly into the fruit of the tree. So you should definitely be careful with the consumption of the nut.

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